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POWER CLEAN Corrosion Inhibitors are excellent rust preventives that can be used in various application to prevent rust proactively.
Solvent Cleaned Bearing Metal

Corrosion Inhibitor / Rust Preventives

Product Name : PC RP - 101 - Rust Preventive for Rinse Tank - Short Term Rust Protection

Aqueous Rust preventive. Key benefits of PC RP-101

  • Protection against rust during manufacturing and cleaning process in aqueous based cleaning
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-inflammable.
  • Concentrated product that can be diluted further  to provide rust prevention for several days.

PC RP 101 is an aqueous based Corrosion Inhibitor and can be added to aqueous wash solution or rinse water in your industrial cleaning machine to protect the components from rust / corrosive effect of water and oxygen in atmosphere. In Addition of Rust / Corrosion Inhibitor to wash solution or rinse water can vary between 1% and 5% (1:99 to 1:19) by volume depending upon duration of corrosion protection required.

How to Use :

If you do not have a rinsing tank, but just a wash tank, use this PC RP - 101 Rust Preventive in your wash/rinse tank with the cleaning media (such as POWER CLEAN XL / SP / NF /LF). If there is rinsing tank, add our Rust / Corrosion Inhibitor to rinse tank. Dip the components into the Rinse tank for 1 to 3 minutes before drying.


Product Name : PC RP - 111 - Rust Preventive Oil

Oil based Rust preventive , very effective for long term corrosion protection.

  • Protection against rust during manufacturing and cleaning process in aqueous based cleaning
  • Oil based Rust prevention
  • Provides Extended Rust Protection (weeks / months)
  • Very Effective with metals such as MS Steel, Carbon Steel e.t.c
  • Rust preventives are also used for effective salt spray protection


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