Avoid these common mistakes before using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Not filling or partially filling the ultrasonic cleaning tanks with liquid (water/solvent) and operating it.
    • Remember the ultrasonic generator is designed & tuned to take a particular water level in the tank. In some ultrasonic cleaners, especially single tank ultrasonic cleaners, you can see the marking within the tank. Operating the ultrasonic cleaner with NO or LESS liquid (water / solvent) in the tank will damage the ultrasonic generator and you will be disappointed with the cleaning efficiency as well.
  2. Putting flammable or Low flashpoint liquids. Especially in India where kerosene is very commonly used in cleaning, you need to be very cautious before you even think about doing it. I would totally avoid this risk. As ultrasonic cleaner can create hot spots microscopically and can ignite the flammable cleaning fluid. Please watch out!!
  3. Putting the components to be cleaned directly on the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Keep in mind, most of the time the transducers that help with the vibration / “cavitation” are bonded at the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank.  Keeping the components directly on the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner tank will act as a drill and damage the tank and the transducers attached to the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Please use a basket to place your components on the basket and place them on the ultrasonic tank. These ultrasonic cleaner baskets are designed to hang from the top of the ultrasonic tank, so that it does not touch the bottom of the tank.
  4. You need to know how delicate your parts are and what frequency is your ultrasonic cleaner that you are going to use to clean these delicate parts. The ultrasonic frequency you use for cleaning delicate parts should be carefully chosen. Some delicate objects (example: Printed circuit boards) can be damaged due to the power ultrasonic cleaner frequency, hence you need to be careful in placing delicate parts in high powered ultrasonic cleaners.

Roovel Solutions Pvt Ltd can help you with selecting the right cleaning machine (ultrasonic cleaner, spray cleaner or soak cleaner) based on analysis of your requirement. When you enquire about the ultrasonic cleaners, make sure you specify whether you are going to use a aqueous or solvent cleaner. Based on the cleaning media type (aqueous or solvent) the ultrasonic cleaner will be designed appropriately.

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