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Name SKU # / Code Description
POWER CLEAN XL 100 Multi-Metal Cleaning / Degreasing Agent. Versatile product.
POWER CLEAN XL+ (Plus) 111 Ferrous Cleaning / Degreasing Agent.
POWER CLEAN XL-77 / SP 804 Cleaning / Degreaser with excellent long term rust protection / prevention.
POWER CLEAN XL-16 116 Buffing / Lapping paste cleaner & degreaser. Low Foam uptill 8 bar pressure
POWER CLEAN XL-32 144 Hi-Jet spray cleaner / degeraser used before painting / coating applications. Low Foam product.
POWER CLEAN NF-14 714 Non Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser for ultrasonic cleaning machines. Excellent Aluminium, Brass & Copper alkaline cleaner
POWER CLEAN NF-15 716 Non Ferrous  Cleaner / Degreaser for spray cleaning applications.
POWER CLEAN LF 800 Introducing our advanced formula, a low-foam cleaner and degreaser designed to deliver exceptional results in tunnel and conveyor washing systems.
POWER CLEAN LF-45 845 Same as LF, except this has a milder pH
POWER CLEAN LF-43 843 Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser used in mining industry to clean dirt, dust
soot e.t.c. Low foam product. High pH low foam cleaner / degreaser
POWER CLEAN HD 122 Discover the strength of our heavy-duty degreaser, designed for the toughest jobs and the cleanest finishes.
POWER CLEAN FC-235 235 Industrial Grade Floor Cleaner.
POWER CLEAN DE-37 912 Descaler / Bathroom cleaner - Cut through stubborn scale with ease. Our descaler delivers unparalleled cleanliness and brilliance.
POWER CLEAN DE-33 910 Copper and Brass cleaner
POWER CLEAN DE-34 911 Heavy Duty Copper and Brass cleaner .
POWER CLEAN CU-20 923 Copper sealer used for passivation after using POWER CLEAN DE 33/34 for cleaning.
POWER CLEAN ALB 117 Versatile Aluminium Brighter with excellent wetting properties.
Concentrated product.
Can be used in ultrasonic and spray cleaning uptill 6 bar pressure. Works well with ADC12 aluminium grade.
POWER CLEAN ALB-54 663 Aluminium Brightner which can be used manually as well at very low concentration level. Works well with 3000, 5000 and 6000 series aluminium.
POWER CLEAN SIP 662 3 in 1 Phosphating Chemical - Iron phosphating chemical
PC-S-312 312 Ahesive Remover / Buffing compound cleaner
PC-S-342 342 Solvent Degreaser & Buffing compound cleaner
PC Rust Preventive 14 614 Rust Preventive - Water soluble - Rust protection working for few hours
PC Rust Preventive 16 616 Rust Preventive - Water soluble - Rust protection working for extended hours to days
PC Rust Preventive 232 623 Rust Preventive - Highly concentrated
PC Rust Remover 27 627 Rust Remover - Acidic base product.
POWER CLEAN D131 200 Defoamer / Anti-Foaming Agent.
POWER CLEAN AR 128 Adhesive Remover
POWER CLEAN CR 501 Carbon Remover
POWER CLEAN CR-21 502 Cleaner / Degreaser with mild Carbon Remover
POWER CLEAN CD-9 152 Citrus Degreaser
POWER CLEAN CD-10 163 Citrus Solvent Cleaner
POWER CLEAN GC 243 Glass Cleaner.
POWER CLEAN MP-26 156 Multi-Purpose Cleaner
POWER CLEAN BW-77 177 Bin / Trey washing cleaning agent used in spray cleaning applications
POWER CLEAN BW-30 132 Bin / Trey washing cleaning agent used in manual bin cleaning application
Water Treatment Chemcials
POWER CLEAN DE-46 503 Cooling tower descaler and rust remover
POWER CLEAN SA-17 915 Biocide
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