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POWER CLEAN Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate offers a safer alternative to hazardous cleaning chemicals, such as mineral spirits and caustics.


Cost Effective & Highly Efficient Aqueous Based Alkaline Cleaners & Degreaser

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Flammable
  • Concentrate Aqueous Cleaner (use diluted)
  • Biodegradable

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Welcome to POWER CLEAN, the premier destination for top-tier degreasing chemicals, solvent cleaners, industrial cleaning solutions, and water-soluble rust preventives. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that businesses across various industries have access to the highest quality products for their cleaning, maintenance, and rust prevention needs.

At POWER CLEAN, we understand the importance of a clean, safe, and rust-free working environment. Our range of degreasing chemicals excels in removing the toughest grime, oil, and grease from machinery, automotive parts, and manufacturing equipment, ensuring spotless and residue-free surfaces. Our solvent cleaner selection is ideal for precision cleaning tasks in the aerospace, electronics, and precision engineering industries, offering powerful yet safe options for delicate machinery and components.

For broader applications, our industrial cleaners provide versatile solutions that effectively clean large areas and equipment in sectors like construction, heavy machinery, and food processing with ease. These solutions are designed to handle everything from general surface cleaning to heavy-duty degreasing tasks, ensuring optimal cleanliness in even the most challenging environments.

To complement our robust cleaning solutions, we offer water-soluble rust preventives, which are indispensable in the manufacturing, automotive, and metalworking industries. These preventives provide long-lasting protection against corrosion and rust for valuable equipment and components, ensuring their longevity and reliability. Easy to apply and environmentally friendly, our rust preventives are compatible with a wide range of materials, offering a reliable barrier against moisture and oxidation.

Our products are formulated with efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind, allowing you to achieve optimal cleanliness and protection without compromising on safety or sustainability. Whether you're dealing with the intricacies of electronic component manufacturing, the rugged demands of construction equipment, or the precision requirements of aerospace components, POWER CLEAN has the tailored solution to meet your needs.

Experience the difference with POWER CLEAN and elevate your cleaning and rust prevention standards to new heights. Explore our range today and discover why we are the trusted choice for degreasing chemicals, solvent cleaners, industrial cleaning solutions, and water-soluble rust preventives across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our range of products

We offer a series of aqueous cleaners / degreasers that are best in their class in terms of efficiency, yet they will not cause any major dent in your budget.


Excellent All purpose Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser - Concentrate

POWER CLEAN XL is an all-purpose industrial cleaner / degreaser concentrate that is designed to replace hazardous and toxic substances such as trichloroethylene (TCE), Perchloroethylene and other caustic chemicals. With the same or even better level of cleanliness along with safety to the worker, equipment and the surroundings, this water-based degreaser is your best bet.

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Product Name: POWER CLEAN NF

Non Ferrous - Soft Metal Cleaner & Bimetal Neutral pH Degreaser - Concentrate

Use POWER CLEAN NF to clean equipment and other products made of soft metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and copper. It is specially formulated to prevent discoloration, stain marks and white rust.

Product Name: POWER CLEAN SP

Special purpose Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser - Concentrate provides extended corrosion protection

If you are looking for a special purpose aqueous cleaner / degreaser with low foaming and additional corrosion protection for cleaning the metals, then POWER CLEAN SP is your product.

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Product Name: POWER CLEAN LF

Low / No Foam Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser - Concentrate for High Jet Spray application

POWER CLEAN LF is a water-based cleaner designed for high jet spray applications with low / no foam cleaning for metals.

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Product Name: POWER CLEAN CR21

Engine Cleaner-Carbon Deposit Remover

To clean up the carbon deposits from engine components quickly and effectively, we have POWER CLEAN Carbon Remover [CR 21].

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Product Name: POWER CLEAN GC

Concentrated Glass Cleaner

POWER CLEAN GC is glass cleaner concentrate that can be diluted to make up to 4 liters of ready-to-use product for cleaning the dust, dirt and spots off glass surfaces.

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Product Name: POWER CLEAN FC235

Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Cleaner & Degreaser

We even have water-based cleaners for your housekeeping needs that will help you keep you premises faultless and fresh. POWER CLEAN FL is designed to clean up tough stains, oil and grease from industrial floors, shop floors, machine shops & service center floors.

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Our advantage

Our water-based degreaser products are:

  • Tough cleaners
  • Available in concentrate form for easy storage and transportation
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous that makes them environment friendly
  • Non-flammable for user safety
  • Highly affordable
We guarantee all our products for the highest quality.

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