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Are you curious to replace Trichloroethylene (TCE) or other toxic solvents that are used for cleaning ?

You have come to the right place. Various different types of industries are switching from TCE to eco-friendly aqueous based cleaners. We have replaced Trichloroethylene (TCE) / Diesel / Kerosene / Naphtha & other toxic solvents with eco friendly and biodegradable cleaners / degreasers. We have been replacing TCE & other solvents since year 2000 in India.

We have a well defined, proven process to replace toxic solvents with eco friendly products. We will partner with you to help you, replace these toxic solvents at a lower cost of ownership, legally and safely. We understand it's not easy to find a trichloroethylene substitute. That's why, we come to your door steps, sit with you and your team to understand your complete requirements and help guide you through the process of finding an alternative for trichloroethylene / toxic chemicals that benefits you and your companies pocket book. Working with you to find a replacement for trichloroethylene is just a start.
By replacing the toxic solvents, some of the benefits you are bound to achieve are :

  • Reduce Cost per component cleaning & Overall cost
  • Better and consistent cleaning
  • Reduce inventory, save space
  • Better compliance with regulations
  • Worker Safety
  • Easier waste management
  • No extra storage precaution
  • Works on multi metal, so no need to use different products for different metals

POWER CLEAN Industrial Cleaner / Degrease is the one of the best trichloroethylene alternative today that can save you lot of money and give you piece of mind related to all around safety. .

Why is POWER CLEAN better than TCE ?

Multi Purpose, versatile cleaner / degreaser A specific metal degreaser
Eco-friendly non-toxic chemical. Emits hazardous toxic vapors
Economical and cost effective as completely soluble in water Used in concentrated form.
Proven operator acceptability, safe to the  environment and it is non corrosive Corrosive in nature. Has to be used in special secluded areas, with proper exhaust facilities. Exhaust fumes toxic and flammable.
Non Hazardous. [avoid eyes and excessive contact with undiluted solution] Hazardous to eyes & extreme caution has to be exercised for splashes. Long-term health concerns. Can affect Liver & kidney. Increase risk of cancer
Non explosive. Barrels known to explode in storage
Easy to handle, mix and dilute Highly dangerous to the environment. [One litre of TCE can Pollute 1 million litres of river water].
Can be recycled. Cannot be recycled
Should be heated to 55 to 65 degree Celsius for optimum performance. Min 90 to 100 degree Celsius required for better performance
The solution required to be agitated Greatly to produce scrubbing action. Needs some form of agitation.
Indefinite Shelf Life. Losses by evaporation in storage
Can replace almost all the cleaning Agents, thus reducing the inventory Range & carrying costs. Can be used to clean metals and non metals. No other use.
Has rust preventive properties & it protects the parts from rust for 10 to 15 days Does not have  any rust inhibitors.

Just one more reason not to use solvents : BBC: Study links Parkinson's disease to industrial solvent (TCE)


All round Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser that very effectively removed Oil, Grease, Dirt, Dust very FAST!. Use it with your ultrasonic cleaner or spray wash equipment or immersion tank or manually, this product WORKS!!.

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Excellent Aqueous based concentrated alkaline Non Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser. This Alkaline Industrial Soft Metal Cleaner / Degreaser removes oils, dirt, grease, dust e.t.c from Aluminium, Copper, Brass e.t.c easily and quickly without harming the metals. You will not see any white patches or white rust with this excellent cleaner.

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Excellent Rust Remover. Easy to use. Dip / Spray and wipe / brush it off to remove the rust from components fast

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Low or No Foam Spray Cleaner and Degreaser which provides exceptional cleaning results in conjunction witha hi jet spray cleaning machine.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner that works very effectively in different types of SS materail (304, 316...). It cleans and shines stainless steel quickly.

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In todays competitive word keeping your component bins clean is as important as keeping your components clean. POWER CLEAN Bin Washing Cleaner is an exceptional cleaner that can remove dirt, oil, grease e.t.c very fast.

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